Nicole Recourt sent me email on Ramsay’s film on giving and receiving from our planet Earth:

:I’ve been organising a cross media project, film-documentry-internet series-book whose purpose is to follow four people travelling to remote parts of the planet in search of Nomadic tribes.

Nicol says Ramsey is talking with one of our universities to use a bus fueled by hydrogen (or fuel cells perhaps?).

The film is beautiful indeed! Put it on YouTube and [[Joost—free TV with a peer-to-peer community|give Joost a try]]! [ LLiNK may be interested] as well.

Hey Nicole, who is this Ramsey anyway?



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  1. nicole Recourt avatar

    He is my friend for life and a gift to me, by being just Rams, a Nomadic life style with a lot of love, knowledge and wisdom to share, present with a big sence of humor and sharing my longing for a more pleasant and aware world for all of us!

    Thank you for sharing this on your log, Martien!!! and til the 13th.

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