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Óf bel Martien van Steenbergen, Aardbron: 06 53 54 59 60

Aardbron is building the plane while flying it.

Aardbron is een handelsnaam van AardRock B.V.


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  1. Frederick Malouf avatar
    Frederick Malouf

    Interesting stuff here, MS. Have you read Voyage From Yesteryear [1982]?

    The problem I have in your model is the demurrage. Designed properly, I don’t think you need it. Are you using the demurrage as a tax like Worgl did?

    Look at my modelling for BUXXB as a comparison:

    So, you’ve been at this a long time, too. Hard job. People really do not get the non-commodity and no cost to run currency. People really don’t get it is about the currency, not the person. The weak side of human nature.

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