Change the changes

Vernader de veranderingen

Een praatplaat uit 2000 over:
*de cirkel Bewust Bekwaam → Onbewust Bekwaam → Onbewust Onbekwaam → Bewust Onbekwaam → Bewust Bekwaam → …; in het Engels You Know That You Know → You Don’t Know That You Know → You Don’t Know That You Don’t Know → You Know That You Don’t Know → You Know That You Know → …
*leiderschap, team building en kampioenen;
*de fundamentele—en voor velen confronterende—vraag die je elk ander teamlid kan stellen:
*:”’Wil jij mij helpen beter te worden dan dat jij bent?”’

Wat mij triggerde om deze plaat weer boven water te halen was Dan Roam’s artikel [ Seeing What We Don’t Know].

===You are here===
:”’If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up somewhere else.”’
::—Yogi Berra

:”’If you don’t know where you are going, any path will take you there.”’
::—Alice in Wonderland

===Vision, Strategy, Execution===
*Change the Changes
*State of Flow
*Explore & Innovate
*Increasing Returns
**Positive Feedback
**Attracts Staff and Business and Wealth
**Captures & Cultivates Collective Knowledge & Intelligence
*Architectural Principles (5-10 year view)
*Take Risks
*Lead the Pack
*Show Direction
*Informatiebeleid (2-5 year view)
*Mergers & Acquisitions
*Planning (1-2 year view)
*Goals & Milestones
*Short, iterative processes; driving a car
===Flow Spiral===
Goal is to spiral yourself to ever higher states of consciousness, to self-unfold, to realize your full potential—as an individual, as an organization, and as a society—by taking many small steps rather than a few big ones. Small steps are less painful.
====YDKTYK: State of Flow====
*You Don’t Know That You Know
*Process feels “effortless”
*On the edge between Chaos and Order (Chaordic State)
*Best place to be
*Optimal balance between Effort & Comfort
*Danger of “switching” to YDKTYDK Comfort State
====YDKTYDK: Extreme Discomfort & Death====
*You Don’t Know That You Don’t Know
*Comfortably Numb
*Cruise Control
*Danger Zone!!!
*Self-affirmative; more secure; less risk
*Do the things you’ve so often done already
*Over-structured (bureaucracy)
*Further strengthen Comfortable Numb State: Equilibrium or Complete Order: R.I.P.
*Outsmarted or Outpaced
*Wake-up call by competition
*Glide into total Chaos & Panic (“brandjes blussen”: R.I.P.
*Discomfort to the Extreme
*Best way out: Transition to YKTYDK State
====YKTYDK: Therapy, Rehabilitation and Revalidation====
*You Know That You Don’t Know
*Train, Coach, Facilitate [often by External Consultants]
*Effort Required! Investment in Time & Material
*How? Many small steps
**Avoid getting swamped, panic; c.f. your first driving lesson
**Too large a change will increase resistance; Try to avoid by taking many small steps rather than one big step
**Loosing weight: not 10 kg in a year, but 1 kg every month: short result-driven iterations
**Focus on Genot Gemak Gewin
**Be aware of Affect, Behavior, Cognition (Gevoel, Gedrag, Gedachten)
***Identify typical patterns of ABC
***Understand how these unwanted patterns emerged from the past
***Describe the complete ABC chain (this is time intensive)
***Create a break-through strategy to address the issue
***Practice new ABC over and over again (therapy)
***Changing Affect is hardest because of emotional resistance
**Focus on positive feedback, increasing returns
*Transition to YKTYK State
====YKTYK: Repeat, over and over again====
*You Know That You Know
*Effort still required
*Exercise, Execute, over and over again, until you get into a State of Flow again
====State of Flow: Flow = Team + Process====
*Charter: have a common direction and still remain individual distinct
**Avoids Not Invented Here Syndrome
**Change (better still: Change the Changes)
**Do New Things
*Threat: internal competition and envy
*Key Strengths
**Diversity: Total is much much more than the sum of its parts!
**Symbiosis: State of Living Together or Cooperative Relationship
**Fully Interlocking
*Killing Teams:
**Reject others
**Feel victimized by others
**Feel dependent on others
*Killer Teams:
**Cultivate Diversity
***Therefore advance faster
***Are Constantly Getting Better in Getting Better
**Values the others
**Admires the others
**Compliments the others (be/ask about specifics)
**Emphasize the Importance of Contribution of Others to Your Performance
**Survive Disasters
**Fully Respect other Team Members
**Are Committed
**Give Good Feedback
**Are Involved
**Take many small steps, rather than a few big ones
**Wins the Golden Medals
**Creates Positive Attention for the Whole Team
**Feels Responsible for His Effect on Whole Team
*Individual Team Members
**Search Teams
**Want Team to Thrive & Survive
**Make others competent
**Ask: “Will you help me become better than you are?”
**Train in Skills they don’t already have
**Excels in some Specific Areas
**Know that they’ll die if the team dies
**Process is most interesting, not the goal itself
**The Pleasure is in the Climbing, You’re Only at the Top for a Short Time
**Software Process Improvement is a process in itself
**Results (goals & milestones met) are the byproducts of process
===All this is recursive, fractal===
*Remember that Process Improvement is a Process in Itself



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